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  Clayburn Store was built in 1911 & opened for business in 1912 operated by Reuben Cooper and T.F Seldon.  In 1925 the partnership split up when Mr. Seldon opened up the Clayburn Station Store on the corner of the old Mission Highway and Clayburn Road. Reuben Cooper continued to operate the Clayburn Village Store  with his wife and in the early years they served  the Matsqui Prairie area, Straiton and all the local villagers who worked in the Clayburn Brick Plant. Everything was sold in the store from clothing, farm equipment, insurance to canned goods.


In 1939 tragedy occurred.... At about 1:00 am Mrs. Cooper heard a noise downstairs in the store. Reuben went down to investigate and when he opened the door to the post office area two youths shot him in the chest killing him instantly with a .22 revolver that was kept in the post office for security.  The youths were apprehended on the old Mission Bridge about two hours later.  They had made off with a few articles of clothing and merchandise, the revolver, and a few stamps. Mrs.Cooper continued to operate the store with her son Jack until it closed & sold in 1974.  From that time the store hosted some short-lived businesses and stood dormant for periods of time.




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